Your Local Farmers Market! Buying local is simply the concept of buying food produced, grown, or raised as close to your home as possible. There are many benefits to buying local. Here are just a few examples of the why shopping for local farm products is beneficial to you and your community.
Local Produce is FresherLocal produce is picked and eaten at the height of ripeness and was probably picked within the past day or two. Local farmers can also offer produce varieties bred for taste and freshness rather than for shipping and long shelf life.

Local Food Supports Local FarmersFamily farms are part of the American tradition of self-sufficiency and serve as the basis of local communities. With each local food purchase more of your money spent on food goes directly to the farmer. Local farmers spend their money with local merchants and the money stays in your community.

Buying Local Protects the Environment

When you buy food locally you reduce energy consumption. Local food doesn't have to travel far. Food, on average, travels 1500-2500 miles from farm to table. Buying local helps to lower energy consumption by reducing transportation and storage, both of which are very energy-intensive and pollute our air and water.

Buying Local Preserves Diversity

Certified Farmers' Markets are instrumental in preserving the diversity of Florida agriculture by providing marketing outlets for the small acreage growers of culinary, ethnic, and specialty crops not widely grown on a large scale or found at traditional food sources.

The Big Picture

At farmers’ markets, restaurants, grocery stores, school cafeterias and communities across America, people are searching for healthy food that’s grown on nearby farms.  Meeting this demand will take more farms, more farmers and more farmland growing local food. We're helping build sustainable food and farming systems to make fresh food from local farms a reality for everyone by: